Benefits of IV Therapy
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100% Absorption


Intravenous vitamin therapy means that we are delivering directly into the bloodstream. The major benefit of this is that we avoid any barriers to absorption such as the gastrointestinal tract, resulting in 100% absorption of the dose administered.


Fast Effects


The fact that 100% of the dose is absorped results in fasting acting effects!


Fast Delivery


Our infusions only take between 30-60 minutes to deliver! Sit back and relax and you’ll be back on top in no time!


Restoring Hydration


Dehydration in a hot climate like Bali is very common! So is dehydration caused by excessive alcohol consumption and viral fatigue. Receiving IV fluids restores your hydration levels quickly, making those annoying symptoms like low energy and headaches disappear!


Boosts Natural Energy


Vitamins like the B Complex vitamins are suitable for boosting natural energy. This is wonderful for anyone trying to get the most out of their short time on holiday!


Detoxification of Cells and Anti-ageing Properties


Glutathione is the most powerful anti-oxidant and it works well to detoxify the skin and the body! Glutathione is naturally produced by the liver but its production decreases with age. Glutathione also improves the appearance of the skin and its anti-ageing properties give a glowing effect to the skin, perfect before an event or party out in Bali!


Boosts Immunity and Recovery from Illness


Vitamin C has been scientifically proven to boost the immune system and shorten cold or flu symptoms. This is wonderful for our clients who have just come from short-haul or long-haul flights! The immune boosting and energy boosting infusions are great for pre or post flight, or if you happen to catch a bug whilst here in bali.