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Vitamin Infusion



This vitamin infusion focuses on boosting your energy and immunity and is particularly useful pre or post flying as well as for recovering from strenuous physical activity.


Whats Included:
– 500mL of Fluids
– Vitamin B complex Energy Booster IV
– High dose Vitamin C Immune Booster IV
– Magnesium IV


Time Taken: 30 minutes


Potential Benefits:

– Restore hydration
– Increase natural energy levels
– Restore vitamins and minerals
– Boost immunity
– Reduces muscle and joint aches (Magnesium)


How will this IV help me?


The Energise.ME infusion is based on the famous Myers’ Cocktail, which was created many years ago by Dr. John Myer to help treat chronic fatigue and is therefore most suitable for those overcoming lethargy whether it be post flying, after intensive physical activity, or recovery from a run in with Bali belly.

Do you have a specific question about the Energise.ME treatment?