Vitamin IV Therapy | IV Hangover Treatments in Bali
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Amazing IV Hangover Treatment to get You Back on Point in Bali

Bail is a beautiful warm destination and you want to be feeling 100% to enjoy yourself to the fullest.

The combination of this warmth and a big night out can leave you feeling less than great.

This is why our clinic has designed a range of vitamin IV therapy treatments to detox your system and improve your wellbeing. Our IV hangover treatments will rejuvenate, rehydrate, and have you feeling ready to live it up once again.


Our range of treatments

Our range of treatments are perfectly designed to treat that epic hangover. They include:

  • ME – Focusing on rehydrating the body and giving the recipient a boost of energy. This treatment takes 40-50 minutes to administer and includes receiving 1000ml of fluid, Vitamin B-12 injection, pain killers (if required), and an anti-nausea tablet (also if required).
  • ME – This treatment will leave your body feeling back to life and full of immunity, lost during the chaos of a big night out. The treatment takes 40-60 minutes and includes a mix of 1000ml of fluids, Vitamin B complex energy booster IV, pain killers (if required), anti-nausea tablet (if required).


Try our treatment when you get to Bali 

One of the main reasons why you receive a hangover is due to the dehydration of the body that occurs when drinking, so remember to contact so that you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest, without being held back by a nasty hangover.