Intravenous (IV) Vitamin Infusion Therapy in Bali
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Intravenous Vitamin Infusions to get You Back on Your Game in Bali

Our amazing range of intravenous vitamin infusions at our Bali clinic are perfect for rehydrating you and your friends after your flight to Bali or of course, a big night out here.


We know the feeling of feeling under the weather and dehydrated in Bali, is the perfect detox that’ll leave you ready to enjoy your Bali vacation to the fullest.


So we have created an IV vitamin infusion therapy treatment that will leave you feeling reinvigorated and ready to get back out into the tropical wonderland that is Bali.


Our range of IV therapies

We have a variety of intravenous therapies that are guaranteed to leave you feeling rehydrated and energised, ready to enjoy your day out in Bali. They include:


  • ME infusion – Designed to boost your energy and is great for post-arrival in the Bali heat or after taking part in intense physical exercise. It includes receiving 500ml of fluids, Vitamin B complex energy booster IV, high dose of Vitamin C immune system booster IV, and magnesium IV.
  • ME – Great for reinvigorating your body, this treatment is full of anti-oxidants which hare perfect for detoxing the body and giving the skin a beautiful, healthy glow. This includes receiving 500ml of fluids, glutathione anti-oxidant booster IV, and high dose of Vitamin C immune booster IV. You will be left feeling fresh and invigorated after just 30 minutes.
  • ME – This amazing treatment is designed to boost your immune system, energy, and have your skin looking glowing and healthy. It takes just 30 minutes to administer and includes a treatment of fluids, high dose of Vitamin C immune booster IV, B complex energy booster IV, magnesium IV, glutathione IV, and B12 methyl cobalamin injection.

Remember to try our clinic in Bali

Whether you will be exercising, partying, or even taking it easy – Bali’s conditions can be unpredictable and it can be hard to produce the right amount of energy needed when here – contact when you arrive.