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Vitamin Infusion



This vitamin infusion focuses on giving you a good dose of anti-oxidants! It is useful for detoxification of the body and for improving the appearance of your skin.


What’s Included:
– 500mL Fluids
– Gluthathione anti-oxidant booster IV
– High dose Vitamin C immune booster IV


Time Taken: 30 minutes


Potential Benefits:

– Restore hydration
– Reverse effects of free radicals
– Rejuvenate skin
– Detoxifying properties assist in cleaning body’s organs
– Enhances muscle repair
– Assists in turnover of new cells to help recover from acute illness or virus


How will this IV help me?

The Rejuvenate.Me Vitamin Infusion is our detoxification IV. It is suited to those looking for a hit of anti-oxidants. Glutathione is the best anti-oxidant available and combined with Vitamin C provides the skin with a beautiful glowing effect. Glutathione also amps up the immune system, detoxifies the liver and removes free radicals that deteriorate the skin’s elasticity.


Groups of 5 or more get a 15% discount.

Do you have a specific question about the Rejuvenate.ME treatment?

A Note on the Rejuvenate.Me Treatment

You cannot have this infusion if you have allergies to sulfur compounds.