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Vitamin Infusion



This treatment focuses on giving you the ultimate mix of vitamins to ensure you have your energy boosted, immune system boosted, skin glowing and ready to enjoy your time in Bali- no matter what comes your way!


What’s Included:
– 500mL fluids
– High dose Vitamin C Immune Booster IV
– B Complex Energy Booster IV
– Magnesium IV
– Glutathione IV
– B-12 Methylcobalamin Injection


Time Taken: 30 minutes


Potential Benefits:

– Restores hydration
– Restores vitamins and minerals
– Boosts immunity
– Boosts natural energy
– Boosts production of collagen
– Reduces muscle and joint aches (magnesium)
– Fights viral illnesses
– Shortens a cold/flu
– Stimulates growth of hair and nails


How will this IV help me?

The Revive.ME infusion is made up of a mix of all the vitamins offered in order to completely restore and replenish your immune system and energy. If you are feeling really flat and fatigued this is the infusion for you!


Groups of 5 or more get a 15% discount.

Do you have a specific question about the Revive.ME treatment?